Kit $85 an hour


Senior stylist, Makeup Artist, Esthetician, Lash Artist

$85 an hour

Kit is a Senior Stylist and Curly Specialist with a passion for ending hair discrimination in the textured hair community!

She is the shop manager and resident makeup expert, specializing in wedding and event makeup!

When she isn’t slaying makeup, you can find her doing eyelash extensions, creating vibrant hair, and making skin magic in our spa, The Other Side!

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Alex $100 an hour


Master Stylist, Blonding Specialist

$100 an hour

Alex has been doing hair since 2012 and exploded on the scene putting out stellar work far ahead of her time. Her attention to detail is unsurpassed, and she continues to have the highest of standards when providing services to her clients.

She is trained in multiple forms of hair extension installation, specializes in beautiful blondes, and stunning balayage and ombres.

She and her husband and child enjoy going to comic cons and superhero movies together. Beyonce is her spiritual guide and she is the epitome of cool, calm and collected!

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Harley $65 an hour


Master Stylist, Short Hair Cutting Specialist

$65 an hour

Harley is a short hair cutting specialist, focusing on tight fades, creative clipper work, and razor cuts, but also enjoys longer hair and precision cuts. He has been doing hair since 2008 and has rocked the Valley since the day he set foot in a hair salon. We have had the pleasure of working with him for most of that time and have witnessed him hone his incredible skill of doing flawless clipper cuts. He took what he learned and ran with it, and has been asked to teach classes all over the place.

He loves video games and hanging out with his wife and children doing family stuff, but also will throw down at shows when his favorite bands come around.

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Alison Leigh $125 an hour

Alison Leigh

Salon Owner, $125 an hour

Alison has been doing hair since 1993 and has been trained and educated all over the country by some of the best stylists around. She brings her talents and skills to you here in Bethlehem where she has planted her roots. From Easton to Seattle and Hawaii to Los Angeles, she’s back on the East Coast to continue her career as a salon owner.

She specializes in movable haircuts, blended colors, and takes pride in her thorough consultations, finding and exploring exactly what her clients want.

She loves going to shows with her husband, spending time in nature, and reading books.

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